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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 03_02.20.2008
In This Issue:
  • Fire destroys Villa NM, Work Farm, Growing Pains
  • Two proposals fail to win confidence of Park Trust
  • Factions square off over renovations to park and pavilion
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  • Duane St. Hotel
  • Gucci
  • Bloomberg et al put best face on 'parsimonious' budget plans
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  • Eisenman's memorial in Berlin is crumbling
  • Housing advocates stand by Domino as new plans dismay preservationists
  • Foundation argues chapel will lose spiritual quality
  • Despite some support, many fear worst from rezoning
  • MTA back to drawing board for downtown transit hub
  • A newly unveiled hotel/condo tower by Robert A M Stern Architects will tower over the nearby Woolworth Building
  • A new map locates 1,500 artworks in public spaces