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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 09_10.29.2008_CA
In This Issue:
  • California passes anti-sprawl legislation
  • LA planning clean technology manufacturing center
  • Cathedral of Christ the Light
  • LA Mayor announces $5 billion affordable housing plan
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  • In next week's election, California architects must vote for their interests as a profession.
  • Architects for Obama, Trouble on the Homefront, & Bailouts
  • A new park where Ambasasador Hotel once stood
  • The Kress
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  • 3rd Annual Parking Day changes spots into parks
  • SF Mayor sets example with green Civic Center proposal
  • SF's Cavallo Point, from military outpost to luxury resort
  • Q&A with Kang Kiang
  • Hagy Belzberg's Skyline residence combines cinematic appeal and environmental savvy
  • Museum of Tolerance ramps up its look
  • Au revoir, Jean; Getty-style Get; Green Landing