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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 20_12.02.2009
In This Issue:
  • MIT in bubbly bid for London Olympic tower
  • DOT shuts down vulnerable Champlain crossing
  • As winter looms, East River water taxis can't stay afloat
  • New York landmarks commission saves one Auto Row building, junks another
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  • The recent WPA 2.0 competition and conference in Washington, D.C., suggested that grand infrastructural visions must begin with small-scale, collaborative work, writes William Menking.
  • Not so Grand, Here's to Halprin
  • GSA doles out major modeling contracts to ten firms
  • Norbert Has Left the Building, The Pope and the Architects, Got the Uglies
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  • Opia by Jordan Mozer and Associates
  • Lincoln Center's State Theater receives artful renovation
  • City reaches deal with developer, but new theme park years off
  • Rome's new museum of art and architecture is big, bold, and empty
  • SOM with Leslie E. Robertson Associates
  • You Lose Some, You Win Some; Gehry Tops Out; Oy! What Were They Thinking?