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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 08_05.05.2010
In This Issue:
  • D.C. trolley station seeks new life as art gallery
  • With public support, Cook+Fox's City Point set to break ground
  • City takeover primes first phase of Governors Island
  • Ford Foundation largesse funds new arts spaces
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  • Bill Moggridge chats with Chee Pearlman about his plan for transforming the Cooper-Hewitt into a national force
  • EPA fly-ash ban could stunt use of green materials
  • Plenty of ink was spilled over this year's Milan Furniture Fair, but some are starting to wonder: Does the world need another chair? Designers today must solve complex social and environmental problems, while achieving memorable place-making, too.
  • Escape from Zoo York, Suburban Blind Spot, Tripping Up Attila
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  • Benning Library by Davis Brody Bond Aedas
  • Mad as Hell (And Here's My Resume), Speaking of Cups Running Over
  • NEA's new design director Jason Schupbach to emphasize creative industries and place-making
  • City launches major overhaul of waterfront plan
  • Competition seeks to reimagine, reinvigorate ancient Jewish structures
  • Lightweight hybrid spans are bridge to the future
  • OMA's competition-winning scheme unifies an eclectic museum campus with a jolt of urban dynamism
  • Thomas Phifer offers a manifesto for movement between nature and architecture, writes Thomas de Monchaux
  • Gruzen Samton with Gilsanz Murray Steficek and Flack + Kurtz
  • Boston masterplan to guide development along new park
  • That Settles It, Platinum Goldstein, Bollocks for Yanks