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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 09_05.18.2011
In This Issue:
  • As South Korea's economy stabilizes, its ambition to be recognized as a major international business hub is leading to a bold building strategy. Ann Lok Lui investigates how Korea aims to impress the world not only with its tall towers but its large-scale sustainable planning.
  • Brushstroke by Super Potato
  • State takes control of planning and zoning for much of Atlantic City.
  • Hopkins completes Velodrome for London 2012 Olympics.
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  • HNTB's pedestrian bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • New math museum counts on Madison Square Park.
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  • The Guggenheim engages New York's urban environment.
  • FXFowle and Epstein reduce energy use with a green roof and high-performance materials.
  • Tomorrow's Houses: New England Modernism by Alexander Gorlin and Geoffrey Gross.
  • Origin Myths in Architecture