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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 07_09.14.2011_MW
In This Issue:
  • Small, Gritty, and Green: The Promise of America's Smaller Industrial Cities in a Low-Carbon World by Catherine Tumbler.
  • Architecture firm 4240 transforms a former auto repair shop into uplifting office space.
  • Tribute by Steven Dandrea and Houts Architects in Chicago.
  • New Cincinnati neighborhood addresses old planning woes.
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  • Cultural center breathes life into downtown Kansas City.
  • Chicago's Atrium Village to get four towers and a two acre park.
  • Saudis ask Chicagoans to design the world's tallest tower.
  • Chicago drafts first-ever master plan for pedestrians.
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  • Mayor Bing announces progress on plan to shrink city.
  • Cutting-edge Chicago architect passed away at his home the day before his 53rd birthday.