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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 03_04.28.2012_CA
In This Issue:
  • The Eel's Nest house in Los Angeles is built on an impossibly-tight hillside site.
  • Seattle's eco-district nearing reality.
  • Getty launches initiative to conserve modern architecture.
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  • Chicago-based Valerio Dewalt Train design a high-tech space to showcase Fisker and McLaren cars.
  • Cannon Design takes cues from the surrounding landscape for new student center.
  • Sam Lubell on architects working outside of architecture.
  • NBBJ's Gates Foundation in Seattle enlivens surroundings to inspire workers.
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  • This year's Neutra Award winner discusses architecture as a delicate balancing act.
  • Beverly Center's hottest new designer
  • GSA names shortlist for LA Courthouse Project
  • Exhibition pays tribute to the Chinese-American contribution to LA's iconic modernist architecture.
  • Los Angeles finds a way to make corridor plan happen.
  • Competition aims to transform California healthcare design.