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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 09_05.23.2012
In This Issue:
  • Snarkitecture creates an undulating boutique showcasing Odin perfumes.
  • MIT group's 100-inch car rolling out to select cities.
  • Julie V. Iovine leads a panel on the convergence of media and architecture.
  • William Menking considers the legacy and future of Brutalism.
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  • Relics of the industrial past become creative players in a small town's cultural revival.
  • Architects holding their breath as the country's landlord is engulfed by scandal.
  • Jason Griffiths' book explores formulas and ad hoc solutions in the suburbs.
  • New York's park acreage has expanded dramatically, but maintenance costs are an ongoing challenge. Caitlin Blanchfield runs the numbers.
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  • New Serpentine Pavilion builds on past structures
  • Winners announced for revamping three sites on the National Mall
  • Renaissance Critic; Cala-tastrophe?; Hot Pot
  • Marina Abramovic Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art
  • The City as Campus: Urbanism and Higher Education in Chicago