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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 06_07.18.2012_CA
In This Issue:
  • Michael Webb contrasts the urbanism of the Pacific Design Center and West Hollywood Park.
  • Richard Olsen documents the rich and often whimsical craft of Handmade Houses.
  • Olson Kundig Architects reveal massive timber trusses in an old dock in Tacoma.
  • San Francisco's South Park needs a new bond measure for planned improvements.
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  • Civic artist bridges architecture, landscape architecture, and urban infrastructure.
  • Barbara Bestor is an authority at creating low-key but hip hangouts in Los Angeles.
  • GSA selling Los Angeles courthouse to pay for new facility.
  • San Francisco's PUC aims to be the greenest utility in the land.
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  • As Los Angeles makes major strides in redeveloping its core, Sam Lubell offers a reminder that the urban pattern must be preserved.
  • An autocentric culture sets a high bar for the rest of the nation as mass transittled by light raillchugs ahead on the West Coast.