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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 12_07.25.2012
In This Issue:
  • The Bloomberg Administration is one of the most pro-development governments in city history. As they count down their remaining days in office, AN checks in with the agencies whose projects have had the most impact on development.
  • William L. Hamilton reviews Christopher Alexander's latest diatribe.
  • Rogers Marvel's $50 million renovation restores dignity to a Moses-era pool.
  • Traveling exhibition to examine unparalleled architecture of Viennese public housing.
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  • Paul Gunther looks through the London hoopla to find gardens in our midst.
  • Debate grows over green standards and forests.
  • Julie V. Iovine weighs the Bloomberg administration's entrepreneurial spirit in remaking New York City.
  • Asymptote Architects takes a fresh look at Alessi's Soho store.
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  • A new hybrid casino-convention complex in Atlantic City aims to turn around a tired genre, and a city.
  • Gehry Technologies' new GTeam gives interactive file access multiple levels.