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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 17_10.31.2012
In This Issue:
  • Jeffrey Hogrefe reviews Treading Softly: Paths to Ecological Order by Thomas Princen.
  • With construction progressing, West 8 discusses the landscape transformation of a New York jewel.
  • Incoming ASLA NY president on the fertile future of landscape architecture in New York.
  • Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway restored by city, feds.
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  • Alan G. Brake on the growing importance of landscape architecture.
  • Brooklyn's Prospect Park restores portion of Olmsted's original design.
  • Michael Graves completes Newark's first new green space in decades.
  • Contemporary landscape interventions are transforming midcentury buildings and plazas to address their urbanistic failings.
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  • Nette Compton, NYC Parks director of green infrastructure, talks about the Greenstreets Program.
  • The Fifth Street Farm Project rolls out its first rooftop in Manhattan.
  • Susan Morris reviews Tatzu Nishi's Discovering Columbus, currently on view in New York through November 18.
  • WXY expands the Drawing Center's Soho home.
  • Nelson Byrd Woltz creating public spaces for Manhattan megadevelopment.
  • Nancy Owens designing a park in a massive affordable housing development in East New York.
  • Pedestrians to prevail in traffic-jammed Hudson Square.
  • Students reimagine our national parks as social and cultural destinations.
  • SHoP may design a major league soccer stadium in Queens' Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.
  • APOPS & Municipal Art Society launch digital platform for improving New York's privately owned public spaces.
  • Van Valkenburgh wins competition for new park in Austin, TX.