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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 07_05.22.2013
In This Issue:
  • Scott Marble's new book, Digital Workflows in Architecture, takes stock of the profession's digital revolution.
  • Sacha Frey on two new works detailing the noted artist, Gordon Matta-Clark
  • Brininstool + Lynch crafts a sense of community for a Chicago office with sleek lines and rich texture.
  • Joel Sanders designs moments of intimacy within an apartment visually linked to Central Park.
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  • Paul Gunther remembers the contrarian classicist.
  • Salt Lake City-based Imbue Design crafts a minimalist house in a desert town.
  • University orders architecture school out of high-crime neighborhood.
  • Julie Snow Architects helps Target shed its corporate image at its Minneapolis headquarters.
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  • Designed by Finn Juhl in 1952, with contemporary interventions by Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard.
  • Cannon Design draws inspiration from the pentatonic scale for their Ferrante Hall II near Syracuse.
  • New York City limits Madison Square Garden's lease to 15 years.
  • Rogers Marvel designs a new home for St. Ann's Warehouse On the Brooklyn waterfront.
  • A central amphitheater defines TEN Arquitectos' design for New York's 53rd Street Library.
  • New York-based Partners & Spade brings a sense of sophistication and permanence to an eye glasses retail store.
  • Mammoth mixed-use developments get underway on Greenpoint, Brooklyn waterfront.
  • Judd Foundation restored and set to open to the public.
  • Alan G. Brake laments the university's end to free education, a move that challenges the institution's identity.