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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 07_08.14.2013_CA
In This Issue:
  • How small developers are reshaping Los Angeles' neighborhood character.
  • Richard Meier's new federal courthouse gives downtown San Diego a new civic icon.
  • CO Architects' new building at the University of Arizona evokes desert earthforms.
  • Alan Hess on Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.
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  • In the wake of MOCA's New Sculpturalism show, Sam Lubell looks to the future of Los Angeles architecture.
  • Guy Horton on A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California.
  • Santa Monica-based architecture firm, Minarc, designs affordable net-zero homes in South Los Angeles.
  • Architect and urban designer, Gerhard W. Mayer, calls for a revolution in California's car country.
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  • Expanded Tom Bradley Terminal by Fentress Architects opens at LAX.
  • UCLA launches campus in Playa Vista.
  • Jensen Architects reinvents the traditional barn for the 21st century in California's wine country.
  • Spring Street Park opens in downtown Los Angeles.