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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 11_09.18.2013
In This Issue:
  • New York's post-Sandy development plan earns accolades.
  • KieranTimberlake and OLIN transform public space at Philadelphia's city hall.
  • Brooklyn Greenway shaping up to unite the borough's waterfronts.
  • Nette Compton, president-elect of the ASLA New York chapter, discusses the future of landscape architecture in the region.
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  • Mildred F. Schmertz on the new book, White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes.
  • Signe Nielsen and Terrie Brightman find flaws in the Sustainable Sites Initiative accreditation process.
  • Designers from coast to coast are breaking through the old distinction between grey and green infrastructure to establish strategies that apply a mix of the two.
  • New digital mapping technology driving urban reforestation efforts.
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  • RKLA redesigns a Rockaways landscape for resiliency.
  • New feature on the East River Esplanade harkens to New York City's long-lost shoreline.
  • New York City luxury residences embrace high-end landscape design.
  • Deborah Berke Partners bringing Buffalo's Richardson Olmsted Complex back to life.
  • Newark riverfront park system taking shape.
  • Historic Brooklyn warehouses to become commercial complex.
  • Gregory Heller's new book recalls Ed Bacon, the architect who helped shape modern Philadelphia.
  • Stonehill & Taylor Architects design a richly textured space inside New York's historic Colony Arcade building.
  • Michael Van Valkenburgh and Bjarke Ingels team up for a soaring new landscape design.
  • With new Michael Van Valkenburgh landscape, Manhattan's Federal Plaza goes from high art to citizen's forum.
  • Alan G. Brake explores New York's newest waterfront park by Thomas Balsley Associates and Weiss/Manfredi.