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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 11_12.18.2013_CA
In This Issue:
  • Los Angeles' latest night club celebrates the swinging 70s in London.
  • Russell Fortmeyer checks out the new book, Architecture Follows Nature: Biomimetic Principles for Innovative Design.
  • Los Angeles METRO reinvents itself with "kit of parts" station designs.
  • Chip Lord takes the new book, The Car in 2035: Mobility Planning for the Near Future, for a spin.
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  • Snohetta reveals updates to San Francisco's waterfront arena.
  • Santa Monica's new linear park is more than just a buffer.
  • San Francisco Embarcadero project, 8 Washington, voted down after seven-year fight.
  • AN's West Coast editor explores the hottest topics for 2014.
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  • Brooks + Scarpa design an innovative manufacturing and research facility in Mexico.