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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 02_02.19.2014_MW
In This Issue:
  • A healthcare technology giant in Wisconsin draws on its pastoral setting, redefining the term "server farm."
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City business school design seeks "generous pragmatism."
  • Immigration reform is no panacea for Detroit, but its delay isn't helping anyone.
  • Abandoned Kansas City mall site slated for tech campus.
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  • New training facility for the Chicago Bears builds on history.
  • Kristen Moreau on the exhibit, Iterations: John Ronan's Poetry Foundation.
  • Chicago releases Cabrini Green redevelopment plans.
  • Chicago-based architecture studio moss design a modern space for the city's newest microbrewery.
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  • Destroyed by fire, St. Louis church finds new life as an art park.
  • Marshall Brown delineates the down side of architectural competitions.