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2/12/2016: The new pavilion features 2750 individual terracotta modules, weighing in at 60-70 pounds each.
Courtesy Ringling Museum of Art
2/12/2016: Indie theater IFC Center gets approval for expansion in West Village.
Courtesy Kliment-Halsband Architects
2/12/2016: Thomas S. Marvel was an adventurous architect who left a mark in Puerto Rico.
Courtesy Deacon Marvel
2/11/2016: Increasing urban populations demand innovative green spaces.
Images courtesy respective firms unless noted
2/10/2016: Cooper Hewitt finishes renovation with new Walter Hood-designed public garden.
Agaton Strom Photography/Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
2/9/2016: Modular and adaptable acoustic panels allow for a changing environment.
Courtesy Moz Designs
2/9/2016: Philadelphia's Wilma Theater gets a colorful neon facelift.
Courtesy Wilma Theater and Kristen Robinson Design

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