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Unveiled> Palliative Care Center
FXFowle blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor space with new tower on Manhattan's East River.
Courtesy FXFowle

National Center for Palliative Care Innovation
Architects: FXFowle, Clodagh, MHG Architects
Client: The HealthCare Chaplaincy
Location: New York City
Completion: 2015

FXFowle has released renderings for a new healthcare facility to rise beside the East River in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Known as the National Center for Palliative Care Innovation, the project will be an assisted-living community for both low-income and market-rate tenants. Palliative care focuses on relieving terminally ill patients’ suffering with a holistic approach that includes psychological, physical, and multi-faith spiritual approaches. Commissioned by The HealthCare Chaplaincy—a national leader in research, education, and multi-faith patient-centered care—the building will be the first facility of this kind in New York City.

The wavy profile of the 16-story, 180,000-square-foot structure responds to its location. The design team also worked to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space by incorporating green roofs into the project as well as a semi-public passageway that cuts through the lower floors of the building.

Left to right: Street view; site plan; view from courtyard.

In addition to accommodating 120 assisted-living units, the project will include a geriatric and palliative care outpatient medical practice, as well as educational, research, and administrative spaces. The project will also seek LEED Platinum certification as part of an overall goal of becoming a national demonstration project for the healthcare industry.

Aaron Seward


Pedestrian corridor through the building will link an interior courtyard with a future East River park.
View of the new building from the East River (left); View from FDR Drive (right); schematic building diagram (below).