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Red Car Return
Los Angeles voters approve tax to pay for Downtown streetcar.

A downtown streetcar for Los Angeles, which could begin running as early as 2016, was approved in December by Los Angeles voters opting for a local tax on downtown landowners. The $125 million project will run on tracks, just like the streetcars that once dominated the city.

The design of the streetcars has yet to be selected, but the primary route goes south on Broadway from 1st Street to 11th Street, west to Figueroa Street, north to 7th Street, east to Hill Street, and then north again, terminating at 1st Street. LA’s transportation agency, Metro, began work on the project in 2011, collaborating with the city’s former Community Redevelopment Agency, the city itself, and ad hoc community group Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc.

Seventy-three percent of downtown voters approved the measure. Now the project needs to get federal approval before officially moving ahead.

Veronica Alif