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Chicago's Longman & Eagle launches a rough-hewn new outpost.
Clayton Hauck

Longman & Eagle's OSB
2657 North Kedzie Avenue
Tel: 773.276.7110
Designer: Land and Sea Dept.

Even Longman & Eagle, in Chicago’s Logan Square—the whisky bar, “neighborhood inn,” and Michelin Guide-listed restaurant—sometimes just needs a retreat to go to for a drink.

So the restaurant has repurposed the garage next door as an “off-site bar,” and in doing so, has expanded its seating capacity and its well-crafted vibe.

The OSB, as it is called, is a 16-seat, 30-person space that will function variously as a stand-alone micro bar, event space, and tasting room. OSB will also expand, as weather allows, into a fuller indoor/outdoor space. Beginning in March, the space will host a weekly “pop-up” sausage shop, with changing weekly menus focusing on encased meats.


Vintage McIntosh speakers and painted motorcycle helmets (the motorcycle itself is poised atop an interior wall) round out the rough-hewn garage feel created by the building’s cinderblock construction.

Separated from the existing restaurant only by L&E’s small back-patio space, the new room is designed to give the artisanal chefs and mixologists more flexibility for outdoor service, as well as for events like the annual block party. OSB’s food and beverage menus will be separate from the parent restaurant’s—closely related but a bit more stripped down.

Chris Bentley