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New York's Gagosian Gallery presents the work of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop through August 2.
California Academy of Sciences.
Tom Fox / SWA Group
Centre Georges Pompidou (left). New York Times Building (right).
Courtesy Studio Piano & Rogers; Denance Michel

There is a quiet order always present in the work of Italian architect Renzo Piano, an order that shelters with a sense of calm yet remains dynamic, laden with rich texture and detail. The Gagosian Gallery has captured this quality in their exhibition on the architect, Fragments, presented in collaboration with the Fondazione Renzo Piano.

The exhibition arranges Piano’s oeuvre on a grid of 24 tables, each overflowing with finely crafted models, drawings, photographs, and videos that demonstrate a career dedicated to the act of making and the attention to detail that is a hallmark of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The exhibition matrix reinforces the collaborative spirit of the workshop across a linear progression of projects, inviting deeper exploration into the architect’s process over time, spanning the scales from master plan to joint construction. The undulating roof of the California Academy of Sciences floating above a model of the museum’s interior relates directly to the starkly orthogonal New York Times Tower a few tables away.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Fragments is on view at the Gagosian Gallery, 522 West 21st Street, through August 2.

Branden Klayko


Jean-Marie-Tjibaou Cultural Center.
Tom Fox / SWA Group
IBM Traveling Pavilion (left). Parco della Musica (right).
Stephano Goldberg; Maggi Moreno