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High Five
Finalist teams selected for 2014 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program.
The 2013 installation, Party Wall, by CODA.
Courtesy MoMA

Now in its 15th year, MoMA PS1’s Young Architects Program has become one of the most recognized showcases for new design talent in the United States. Five teams are vying for the chance to build a temporary pavilion in the courtyard of the contemporary art museum in Long Island City.

Wendy installation by HWKN, 2012 (left) and Holding Pattern by Interboro Partners, 2011 (right).
Courtesy MoMA

The five finalist teams are Collective-LOK, composed of Jon Lott, William O’Brien, and Michael Kubo; Fake Industries Architectural Agonism with principals Cristina Gobern and Urtzi Grau; LAMAS, Vivian Lee and James Macgillivray; Pita+Bloom, Florencia Pita and Jackilin Hah Bloom; and The Living, David Benjamin.

Canopy installation by nArchitects, 2004.
Courtesy MoMA

Providing shade, seating, and water for the annual “Warm-Up” concert series, the Young Architects Program pavilion has taken on dramatically different forms over the years, tracking closely to emerging trends in design. Last year’s entry, Party Wall, designed by CODA, was a monumental structure made of scrap waste-wood. Previous entries have incorporated colorful tents, digitally designed shade structures, a farm, and crowd-sourced community amenities including trees and ping pong tables.

Organized by architecture and design curator Pedro Gadanho, the winner will be selected in early 2014.

Alan G. Brake


Public Farm One by WORK AC, 2008 (left) and Pole Dance All by SO-IL, 2010 (right).
Elizabeth Felicella and Wade Zimmerman / Courtesy MoMA