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Miami Turns Up the Design Heat
The Miami Center for Architecture opens new space with inaugural exhibition, Drawn From Miami.
Robin Hill

The recently completed Miami Center for Architecture is striving to be the nucleus of the city’s architectural community by providing several different functions, including AIA’s Miami offices, community space, exhibition space, a lecture hall, design studio, and archive.


Its inaugural exhibition, Drawn From Miami, explores the role of the urban planners and architects who created the fabric of the Magic City. An open call drew 350 submissions from a wide range of sources. Five architects and academics curated the show: Jake Brillhart, Nick Gelpi, Jean-Francois Lajeune, Terence Riley, and Allan Shulman (who was also the architect for the space).


Drawn From Miami explores the handmade drawings that helped shape the city. These drawings, which come from local, national, and international sources, give a deeper view into the creative processes that went into the making of modern Miami. The renderings of never-realized spaces and installations give a view of the city’s real and imagined identity from the 1920s to today. Through this exhibition, Miami’s identity is rediscovered, questioned, and challenged—a fitting provocation from the new center.

Alexandra Pucciarelli