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06.09.2015: With Foster rebuffed, Bjarke Ingels reveals his plans for a stepped Two World Trade Center.
Courtesy dbox / BIG
06.08.2015: Perkins Eastman designs a city on the former site of an Atlanta car factory.
Courtesy Perkins Eastman
06.08.2015: Affordable housing battles rising rents along Chicago's newest park.
Courtesy Landon Bone Baker Architects
06.05.2015: Ed Gunts remembers the strong willed provocateur and change agent.
Courtesy Michael Graves Architectur & Design
06.05.2015: Curving brick and glass facade heralds Roxbury's resurgence.
Courtesy Mecanoo
06.05.2015: The COOKFOX architect discusses her firm's approach to Biophilic Design.
Courtesy COOKFOX
06.04.2015: Safdie Architects create a sense of tensions and strength to tell the story of the nation's highest military honor.
Courtesy National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation
06.04.2015: Founded in Stuttgart by the son of Gunter Behnisch, and with an office in Boston, this practice focuses on the human experience of architecture.
Courtesy Behnisch Architekten
06.03.2015: An interactive installation emulating falling rain will activate a darkened D.C. underpass.
Courtesy Thurlow Small Architecture/NIO
06.03.2015: Peter Samton remembers the boundless enthusiasm and tenacity of architect Jordan Gruzen.
Courtesy Gruzen + Partners
06.02.2015: Changes on track for Chicago's historic Pullman neighborhood.
Courtesy AIA Chicago
06.02.2015: Knobs, levers, locks, and handsets: Providing both security and the all-important initial aesthetic impression, decorative door hardware is a key design detail.
Courtesy Emtek
06.02.2015: The Dallas artist's work depicts the city's architectural icons as though glimpsed while passing in a car.
Kim Cadmus Owens