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10.14.2015: Rebuild by Design moves ahead as local and state governments allocate funds and issue RFPs.
Courtesy MIT+ZUS+Urbanisten
10.13.2015: With the workplace expanding into the outdoors, stylish shelters are popping up to shield laptops and their users from the glare of the sun.
Courtesy BuzziSpace
10.13.2015: Denise Arnold reflects on the past quarter-century of accessible design - and explains how architects can best implement the spirit of the ADA.
Erin Nekervis / Flickr
10.13.2015: Can architecture address an aging population?
Courtesy Joel Sanders Architect
10.12.2015: An exhibition at the MAK in Los Angeles explored how technology drives the avant-garde both the past and present.
Lesley Pedraza / Courtesy MAK Center
10.12.2015: An acrobatic structure and rugged exterior cladding by CO Architects with SERA Architects bring to life a cutting-edge technical laboratory building.
Jeremy Bitterman
10.09.2015: A new book on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath explores the grassroots recovery efforts in New Orleans.
Randy Fertel / Courtesy Nation Books
10.09.2015: A look into the future of 3D printing and sustainable energy management.
Jason Richards
10.09.2015: This San Francisco-based firm creates sensorial spaces using natural materials and rich textures.
Courtesy Aidlin Darling
10.08.2015: Is prefab the future for affordable housing in Los Angeles? A case from Michael Maltzan Architecture.
Iwan Baan
10.08.2015: Mimi Zeiger ponders what happened to experimentation in Los Angeles.
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
10.07.2015: David Adjaye talks about his recent mid-career retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago.
M.C. Schnitzer
10.07.2015: Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award winners MOS discuss their expanding design practice.
Michael Vahrenwald / Courtesy MOS Architects