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03.17.2015: In his second piece on the architecture of fracking Brantley Hightower zeroes in on a boom town south of San Antonio.
Brantley Hightower
03.17.2015: These light fixtures and accessories go beyond the basic function of illuminating a space in some very surprising ways.
Courtesy ILEX
03.16.2015: Brian Newman reads Last is More: Mies, IBM, and the Transformation of Chicago.
William Zbaren
03.16.2015: Colgate University to build $21 million Center for Art and Culture by David Adjaye.
Courtesy David Adjaye Associates
03.13.2015: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's upstream battle for citywide ferry service.
Juha Uitto / Flickr
03.13.2015: Chris Bentley visits Jimenez Lai's collaborative architectural exhibition, Treatise: Why Write Alone, at the Graham Foundation.
Courtesy Andrew Kovacs
03.13.2015: Durotaxis rocker features gradient mesh informed by function, ergonomics, and aesthetics.
03.12.2015: Virgin Hotels' U.S. debut restores an art deco landmark in Chicago, with a wink.
Courtesy Virgin Hotels
03.12.2015: Dallas' First National Bank Tower remake is questioning preservation tax credits in favor of appealing to today's market.
Courtesy MAA
03.11.2015: The Miami landscape architect splits his time between designing and teaching at Florida International University.
Courtesy Roberto Rovira
03.11.2015: The Philadelphia-based practice has been designing stand-out residential projects for a decade.
Sam Oberter
03.11.2015: Bruner/Cott's renovation transforms decommissioned McKim Mead & White building into campus event space.
David Lamb
03.10.2015: Anything but conventional, these dramatic luminaires form a compelling physical counterpoint to the ethereal quality of light they emit.
Courtesy Studio Italia Design