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02.09.2015: Mimi Zeiger sees Groundswell: Guerilla Architecture in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture.
Hiroyasu Yamauchi
02.09.2015: Bryant Park Corporation builds momentum for 41st Street placemaking project.
Courtesy Bryant Park Corporation
02.06.2015: Los Angeles proposes new earthquake retrofit plan.
Courtesy California Geological Survey
02.06.2015: Warriors reveal new arena design on San Francisco's waterfront, again.
Courtesy Manica
02.05.2015: Yadzani Studio designs an academic building to encourage student entrepreneurs.
Courtesy Yazdani Studio
02.05.2015: Gachot Studios gives Chef Andrew Carmellini's Tribeca eatery a crisp look.
Noah Fecks
02.04.2015: ARO and Mathews Nielsen's design for the Perkins Building is a modern addition to a historic campus.
Courtesy ARO
02.04.2015: Architectural sleight of hand transforms a FEMA safe room from bunker to glass box.
Cameron Campbell, Integrated Studio
02.04.2015: Minneapolis mulls tower proposals for downtown lot.
Courtesy respective companies
02.03.2015: Carpeting can impact an interior in both subtle and obvious ways. Kick off your shoes and see what we've discovered.
Courtesy Mohawk Group
02.03.2015:  Rainier Square redevelopment will create the city's second-tallest tower.
Courtesy NBBJ
02.03.2015: Alan G. Brake enjoys the revamped mix of traditional and contemporary spaces at the nation's design museum.
Courtesy Cooper Hewitt
02.02.2015: Anaheim's new ARTIC station brings high-speed rail to a car-dominated city.
Sam Lubell / AN