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01.15.2015: This Santa Monica firm marries bold designs with an urban design agenda.
Eric Staudenmaier; KEARCH
01.15.2015: Michael Webb considers Morphosis' latest "scaly silver beast," this time at Cornell University.
Roland Halbe
01.15.2015: Alastair Gordon wings his way around Art Basel and Design Miami.
Courtesy Olson Kundig
01.14.2015: Greg Castillo discusses the intersection of modern design and 1960s radicalism.
Courtesy Lincoln Cushing collection
01.14.2015: Allied Works to design new Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum.
Courtesy Allied Works
01.14.2015: Sukjong Hong visits the tactical urbanism exhibit, Uneven Growth, at MoMA.
NLE + Zoohaus/Inteligencias Colectivas.
01.14.2015: Modular self-shading system delivers budget-friendly environmental performance.
Courtesy Merge Studio
01.13.2015: INABA designs a folly for Flatiron Plaza in Manhattan.
Zhonghan Huang; N. Kubota
01.13.2015: From food storage and prep to cooking and cleanup, a kitchenns functionnif not its formmis determined by the quality of its equipment.
Courtesy Elica
01.13.2015: Proposal unveiled to rezone Gowanus, Brooklyn.
Courtesy Lightstone Group
01.13.2015: Sam Lubell admires a creative repurposing at the Art Center College of Design by Darin Johnstone Architecture.
Lawrence Anderson / ESTO
01.12.2015: Ronald Shiffman reads an homage to the legacy of Kingsley Hammett.
Courtesy U of New Mexico Press
01.12.2015: New healthcare facilities get smaller and smarter to deliver faster care. Here are four case studies.
Courtesy HOK