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10.06.2014: Fourteen designs unveiled for two controversial Brooklyn Bridge Park towers.
Courtesy brooklyn bridge park corporation
10.06.2014: Providence aims to revitalize its central square, Kennedy Plaza.
Courtesy / Union Studio Architecture & Community Design
10.03.2014: Prismatic pyramid evokes desert mirage by day, Aurora Borealis by night.
Dustin Wong Photography
10.03.2014: Community Design Collaborative reveals a ribbon-like pop-up park in Philly.
Courtesy Community Design Collaborative
10.03.2014: New practice Peterson Rich Office turns out its first project, a painting studio.
Kevin Kunsdat
10.02.2014: Gehry Technologies merges with Trimble.
Courtesy Gehry Technologies
10.02.2014: Architecture festivals expand worldwide.
nicholas lemery natel
10.01.2014: LOT-EK adds old Hollywood glamour to a Soho fashion flagship.
Danny Bright
10.01.2014: The Director of the Steel and Ornamental Metals Institutes of New York warns of construction delays.
Courtesy Steel Institute
09.30.2014: Tech campuses adapt to new demands.
Courtesy HOK
09.30.2014: Streetcar setbacks have pushed supporters back on track.
Ted Eytan
09.29.2014: Elizabeth Kennedy explores the connection between history and landscape in Brooklyn.
Elizabeth Kennedy Landscape Architect
09.29.2014: Sam Lubell on the importance of embracing cultural institutions in urban renewal projects.
Woodbury University's WUHO Gallery