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06.19.2013: WXY's master plan for the Brooklyn Tech Triangle incorporates urban design and architecture as well as digital hotspots and educational programs.
Courtesy WXY
06.19.2013: Salt Lake City-based Imbue Design crafts a minimalist house in a desert town.
Peter Aaron / OTTO
06.18.2013: Los Angeles Natural History Museum reopens.
Art Gray
06.18.2013: A blow-by-blow account of the convention center competition between OMA and BIG.
Courtesy BIG
06.18.2013: New York City Planning releases guidelines for post-Sandy coastal construction.
Courtesy NYC DCP
06.17.2013: Rios Clementi Hale Studios create a casual outdoor living room organized around a winding Ipe wood spine.
Jeff Simmons
06.17.2013: Barry Bergdoll remembers an architect known for intelligent interventions at cultural institutions in England and the US.
Bilyana Dimitrova / VMFA
06.14.2013: Stoss Landscape Urbanism created a multipurpose plaza at Harvard featuring 17 custom benches.
Courtesy Stoss Landscape Urbanism
06.14.2013: Sou Fujimoto's ethereal Serpentine Pavilion opens in London.
Iwan Baan
06.14.2013: California Environmental Quality Act is up for reform.
Ben Amstutz / Flickr
06.14.2013: Julie Snow Architects helps Target shed its corporate image at its Minneapolis headquarters.
Paul Crosby
06.13.2013: Three finalists announced for temporary structure at the Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis.
Walker Evans Archive/Metropolitan Museum
06.13.2013: Apartments to add to development in Minneapolis core.
Courtesy Mortenson Development