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01.14.2016: A new sculptural bus stop puts a neglected community in Baltimore on the map.
Andy Dahl
01.14.2016: Zago Architecture is bringing spectacular design to Detroit and L.A.
Joshua White/Zago Architecture
01.14.2016: Take a look back at the year's top stories with The Architect's Newspaper.
Iwan Baan
01.13.2016: Allied Works Architecture's Brad Cloepfil on his Denver exhibition, Case Work.
Allied Works Architecture
01.13.2016: Lorcan O'Herlihy-designed art gallery opens in Hollywood.
Lawrence Anderson
01.11.2016: AN's third annual design award program celebrates some of the most exciting and innovative American architecture to be completed in 2015.
Montage by The Architect's Newspaper
01.11.2016: Koning Eizenberg creates a new library model in Santa Monica.
Eric Staudenmaier Photography
01.11.2016: Field Constructs displayed four winning installations at Circle Acres in Austin.
Courtesy Studio Roland Snooks
01.08.2016: Colorful "little mountains" highlight Eastern Europe's first children's museum and science center.
Roland Halbe / Courtesy LHSA+DP
01.08.2016: Christopher Hawthorne makes the case for a post-suburban city.
Marc Campos/Courtesy Occidental College
01.07.2016: Chicago's riverfront gains three new towers and a new reputation.
Courtesy Neoscape
01.07.2016: Weebly gets a new multi-use office by Huntsman Architectural Group.
Matthew Millman
01.06.2016: Public art brings the fantastic to Van Nuys support center.
Courtesy Atelier Manferdini