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12.12.2014: In contrast to the typical ramshackle Big Sur house, Fougeron Architecture turned out a modern, easy-to-use living space.
Joe Fletcher Photography
12.12.2014: Philadelphia's riverfront reclamation continued with Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk.
Courtesy Schuykill River Development Corp.
12.11.2014: RMTA transforms a 1968 building into LEED Silver Class A office space.
Mike Sinclair
12.11.2014: Architect's Walker Guest House reproduced as flat packed pavilion.
Ezra Stoller / ESTO
12.10.2014: Artists lit up Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House with looping video displays and an original musical score.
Kate Joyce
12.10.2014: Prize given for saving modern masterwork.
Courtesy World Monuments Fund
12.10.2014: Architects deliver a North American first with Warren Woods Ecology Field Station.
Trent Bell Photography
12.09.2014: Alan G. Brake on starchitects in a defensive crouch.
Paul Tuller
12.09.2014: The Southern California firm has put its mark in its own backyard.
Courtesy Lehrer Architects
12.09.2014: Prominent artists to showcase work in the museum's vast new galleries.
Courtesy Bruner / Cott
12.09.2014: There are myriad programs and apps on the market. Here are some new tech tools that we think really make a difference.
Courtesy Cosentino
12.08.2014: Heatherwick unveils floating park above New York City's Hudson River.
Courtesy Heatherwick Studio/MNLA
12.08.2014: Zumthor's LACMA expansion gets initial funding from Los Angeles county.
Courtesy Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner