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IN THIS ISSUE 08_05.11.2004
Jumping the Pond
Mostafavi lands at Cornell
Tiny Cafe, Huge Design
Lewis. Tsurumaki.Lewis draws ideas from coffee shop's own material culture
Scholar Catherine Cooke Dies in Car Accident
At Deadline
The Far (West) Side
Report on RPA's conference on the remaking of Hudson Yards
Better Skate Than Never
Art meets fun in Central Park
Made in the Shade
P.S. 1 names winner of 5th annual Young Architects Contest
Splicing Sert
Leers Weinzapfel's renovation lightens up Josep Lluis Sert's science center
Village Voice
Far West Village says no to more glitzy towers
Guy Walks
Renowned structural engineer leaves freedom tower project
The Next Generation
Architectural League names winners of Young Architects Forum
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen.
NYC Design Focus: Sitting Pretty
Frank Gehry: Emeco and Heller
NYC Design Focus: Show Pieces
Harry Allen, Sergei Hasegawa, and Magne Magler Wiggen: ICFF Commissions
NYC Design Focus: Raising the Roof
Graftworks: West Village roof deck
NYC Design Focus: Material World
Material Connexion: A Sampler
NYC Design Focus: Feel the Burn
Maarten Bass: Smoke
NYC Design Focus: Wonder Women
Dune: 12 New Works
Bending the Rules
With new trade fair Brooklyn Designs just over and the 15th Annual ICFF about to kick off, spring is bloom time for NYC furniture designers from the looks of it. Some of the sharpest local talents are trading hard edges for curvy corners, as as some cheek and charm.
Judd Squared: Two Views on Minimalism
Donald Judd at Tate Modern in London
Highly Charged Spaces
Get Off! Exploring the Pleasure Principle and Sex Among the Lotus at Museum of Sex
Shoptalk: Jennifer Carpenter
MorphoGenomics: The Milgo Experiment in Shaping Surfaces at The Urban Center
The Fabulous Bouroullec Boys
Ronan and Erwan Buoroullec with texts by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, David Toppani, Claude Aiello, and Giulio Cappellini