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IN THIS ISSUE 15_09.21.2005
The Uses and Abuses of Architecture
Content-wrangling at the freedom center proves that politics and coherent design are often at odds
Green Games Begin
18 student-designed solar-powered houses light up National Mall
Fulton Mall Revisited
Envisioning a future by honoring the past
Extra Credit
New national intiative to teach kids about design
A Broader Biennale?
Next Venice exhibition to have many parts, many directors
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen
Open: Cafe
Galleria Illy by Illy in-house design team
Architect Compensation
While overall salaries at architecture firms have outgrown the professional average, managers and department heads have reaped the strongest gains
IIT Added to National Register
Mies van der Rohe Campus designated a cultural resource
The Meaning of a Monument
Eisenman's Holocaust monument to the murdered Jews of Europe speaks to all
Van Alen Institute, Tadao Ando, UIA Gold Medal...
At Deadline
Ask students: The city is in. If at one time Americaas college-age population was sentt away to school in a cornfield, small college town, or hillside enclave, today they flock to cities, where urban campuses are growing and prospering, making new commitments to their cities, and at the same time enlarging their domain into neighborhoods scarred by urban renewal, urban abandonment, or both. Universities are occupying spaces in the skyline, taking over spaces vacated by businesses that have fled to the suburbs or relocated to more technologically equipped, 21st-century office buildings; they are building new housing and retail developments; and they are finding new ways of partnering with neighboring communities with an aim to avoid the territorial and intellectual antagonisms of the past. And yes, they are building new buildings, many by signature architects.
Natural Modern
Romantic Modernist: The Life and Work of Norman Jaffe, Architect at The Parrish Art Museum
In the Material World
Ether: Immaterial Culture and the Architecture of Self-Negation at AUDC Gallery
Discipline and Punish
Prison Break
Response: Vishaan Chakrabarti
Building Dense vs. Being Dense
On Site: Peter Lang
The Geography of Protest
Shoptalk: Gunnar Hand
Tag War