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IN THIS ISSUE 18_10.31.2007
St. Vincent's to Build Big
300-foot tower to replace West Village facility
Battle over the fate of Philly's waterfront gets rocky
Chipperfield Takes The Stirling Prize
Harlem's Heart Rezoned
125th Street grows as commercial and cultural center
Eavesdrop: Anne Guiney
Open: Boutique
Unveiled: Miami Art Museum
Rogelio Salmona, 1929-2007
Newton's New Park
Light at the End of the Tunnels
Moynihan Station's air rights scattered, squelching tower talk
The Shipping News
City pols in favor of maintaining lease for Red Hook's port
Extra Wide-Screen TV
Polshek's LED wall in Boston gives drivers an eyeful
Cruz-ing Up the Hudson
Design-based charettes for affordable housing upstate
O. M. Ungers, 1926-2007
City tests separate corridors for cyclists in Chelsea
Under pressure from blogs, commissioner steps down
Four-Star Lockup
Historic jail transformed into luxury hotel in Boston
Red Tide Turning
Chinese architecture schools welcome -- and encourage -- foreign students for the first time since the Tang Dynasty
Fareside Chats
MTA shares plans regarding fare hikes and Hudson Yards plans
Studio Visit: Sage and Coombe Architects
At Deadline
Silverstein Gets Stern Look
Four young firms prove that when it comes to living space, scarcity is the mother of invention. By Lisa Delgado.
Stephen Treffinger reads the architectural fine print at two of the city's most touted new condos.
In a house that accommodates its landscape, where living is about meeting rather than retreating, the architects of UNStudio bring their unorthodox modern language to a country house in upstate New York. Ben van Berkel talks to AN about designing the Villa NM.
Khan in Context
Louis I. Kahn
The Far Side of Green
The Dream Deferred