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At Deadline
C. David Robinson Dies, Ambassador Embarrassed...
AIA Honor Awards
In Construction: Beth Sholom Synagogue
House of the Issue: Francois Perrin
Crit: Broad Contemporary Art Museum
Piano Out of Tune
Unveiled: Tree House
California firms begin work in New Orleans
Open: Restaurant
SOM's plan to transform San Francisco's Park Merced
Schemes proposed for SF's Japan Center
Nouvel unveils new LA tower
Uncertainty looms as LA projects stall or fail
Lofty Ambitions
Project highlights political firefight over LA's industrial land
For the past four years, our New York editors have asked our readers to do the unthinkable and reveal their favorite consultants, contractors, and suppliers. Hundreds of architects have responded, and each year weeve been able to publish a directory of the best sources for the profession out there, from saintly contractors to mom-and-pop cabinet-making shops. Now weere continuing the tradition in California. So without further ado, we present our first annual California Favorite Sources issue.
Profile: Index-D
With the range of locks, hinges, and handles ever widening in terms of technological complexity and far-flung sourcing, Nils Wiesenmmller and Matthew Preston of Index-d saw an opportunity and created a new nicheehardware consultants.
True to the name, the latest in hardware for 2008 is as high-tech as it is sophisticated by design.
Trend: Locked and Loaded
From James Bond-ish biometric scanners to vanishing doors, today's advanced hardware does double duty.
Essential Luxury
A. Quincy Jones
Walking Through Walls
Michael Asher
Bringing Architecture to Light
Primaries and Secondaries
Protest: Sam Hall Kaplan
Noho: Hope or Hype?