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IN THIS ISSUE 03_02.20.2008
Studio Visit: Studio SUMO
At Deadline
Fire destroys Villa NM, Work Farm, Growing Pains
Vote Delayed on Pier 40's Future
Two proposals fail to win confidence of Park Trust
Union Square Cleanup Gets Controversial
Factions square off over renovations to park and pavilion
Open: Hotel
Duane St. Hotel
Open: Boutique
Fiscal Spigots Running Dry?
Bloomberg et al put best face on 'parsimonious' budget plans
Eavesdrop: Anne Guiney
Eisenman's memorial in Berlin is crumbling
Sugar Coating Domino
Housing advocates stand by Domino as new plans dismay preservationists
Foundation argues chapel will lose spiritual quality
Despite some support, many fear worst from rezoning
MTA back to drawing board for downtown transit hub
A newly unveiled hotel/condo tower by Robert A M Stern Architects will tower over the nearby Woolworth Building
A new map locates 1,500 artworks in public spaces
Innovation on Sale
How do international brands roll out stores that reinforce their identities while providing varied experiences for consumers? How does edgy retail design translate at the mall?
Profile: Index-D
With the range of locks, hinges, and handles ever widening in terms of technological complexity and far-flung sourcing, Nils Wiesenmuller and Matthew Preston of Index-d saw an opportunity and created a new niche -- hardware consultants.
Trend: Locked and Loaded
From James Bond-ish biometric scanners to vanishing doors, today's advanced hardware does double duty.
True to the name, the latest in hardware for 2008 is as high-tech as it is sophisticated by design.
Anxiety and Influence
Return Emigrations: Architectural Cross-Currents in Postwar Germany and America
Credit Where Credit's Due
Architecture and Authorship
Desert Storm
With/Without: Spatial Products, Practices and Politics in the Middle East
In Good Hands
Michelangelo, Vasari, and Their Contemporaries: Drawings from the Uffizi
Protest: Grahame Shane
Move the West Side Railyards