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IN THIS ISSUE 04_03.05.2008
NYU space crunch clouds future of superblock
Cooper Union building to be replaced with Maki tower
Shattered Dreams
London center designed by David Adjaye in memory of slain architecture student is attacked by vandals
DOB will screen designers for self-certification
Open: Restaurant
Bar Blanc
Taking the Plunge
After decades of waiting, Parks floats new design for McCarren Pool
Brooklyn BP proposes "blinging up" Parachute Jump
In Detail: Queens Theater in the Park
Caples Jefferson Architects
Cupola's a Go-Go
How a historical flourish saved a modern addition to a major landmark
Not in My Village
Neighbors against proposed hotel
Controversy erupts over MTA's stripped-down plans for Fulton Street Transit Center
Bulldozing Buffalo
Vacant eyesores flattened in city's ambitious renewal plan
Studio Visit: Christoff:Finio Architeture
Transit Belt-Tightening in NJ
Governor argues for stiff toll hikes while critics argue congestion pricing would be more effective
Not Addicted to Shopping
Community fights plan to sweeten jail expansion with retail
At Deadline
Contractors Face Fines After fire, Taking Off..., ...And Landing, The Envelope, Please
For those who would divine future trends from the work of firms selected by the Architectural League as this year's Emerging Voices, winner Hagy Belzberg might say not to bother. "There is an enormous amalgamation of directions in design right now," said Belzberg, "and everyone is off on their own tangent." If the eight firms that follow are representative, hees right. The qualities that unite them (besides relative youth and clear talent) are not of form but sensibility. From El Dorado's belief in prototyping to MOS' work with the art world to Onion Flats' decision to act as developer, architect, contractor, and client, these firms show that innovation is about more than just form. By Anne Guiney.
Isle of Urbanity
Havana Deco
Fighting the Good Fight
Architecture or Techno-utopia: Politics after Modernism
Community Uprising
Bargaining for Brooklyn
Letters Home
Building a New Europe: Portraits of Modern Architects, essays by George Nelson, 1935-1936