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IN THIS ISSUE 06_04.02.2008
West Chelsea Crack-up
Stability Questioned at "Sky Garage" Tower
After the Fall
The Post-Spitzer West Side
Editor: Of Ethics and Architecture
Harlem Rezoning Passes
Amid hecklers and protests, CPC votes to reinforce 125th St. corridor
Open: Recreation Center
The Park Slope Armory
Bringing Back the Bayou
New Orleans releases RFQ for waterfront revamp
Last Call on Grand Street
Foundation frenzy as builders race against rezone vote
Studio Visit: Joel Sanders Architect
Robin Hood's Worried Band
Architects around world rally to save Smithson's 1972 housing project
Row to get Reprieve?
National Guard Bureau to weigh in on status of Admiral's Row
What Price Kahn?
Esherick house in Philly goes up for auction
State of the MTA
First ever visionary plan presented by transit director revamp
Eli Expansion
Yale plans to build new residential college
At Deadline
Community Board Pooh-Poohs Nouvel, Groovy New Landmark, Sugar Daddies
Divining Paterson's development agenda
Foundation work begins on towers 2,3, and 4
Falling machine crushes town house, kills seven
North Brother Island in the East River is visited by rare birds, the occasional park employee, and photographer Christopher Payne, whose work documents the Art Deco hospital, Neo-Gothic morgue, and other ruins there. The complex is a crumbling testament to an era with a greater sense of civic duty.
Reading: Spaced Out: When Far Out Was In
From cocoon communes and microenvironments to supergraphics and Jersey Devil, Alastair Gordon finds that the sixties were one big experiment in urban design and alternative architectures.
Silent Acres
Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes
Street Life
Mapping London: Making Sense of the City, Building London: The Making of a Modern Metropolis
The Accidental Craftsman
Minka: My Farmhouse in Japan