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IN THIS ISSUE 09_05.21.2008
Miss Brooklyn replaced, green roof disappears
Streets of Dreams
DOT to green up Gotham's concrete canyons
Community Board 2 seems impressed with Renzo Piano's museum proposal
Rome's new mayor promises to dismantle monument
Monica Ponce de Leon named Dean at Michigan
Editorial: Banning bulbs may be an idea before its time
Ward to Helm Port Authority
DEP veteran called on to rescue Moynihan Station
Open: Bar
Beer Table
Hunting for Housing
Rezoning would create massive middle-income enclave, but community wants more affordability
Do the Rockaway
DCP begins rezoning beach community, protecting bungalows
Open: Salon
Maria Mok Salon
Presidential candidates sound off on the suddenly chic subject of infrastructure
Saving St. Saviour's
Upjohn Church in Queens to be moved and reassembled
Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente, 1931-2008
Open: Bar
Franklin Park
Hello, Sailor!
Vornado ship comes in for Pier 94 makeover
Port to relocate from downtown waterfront
Studio Visit: Peter L. Gluck and Partners
The Architectural League announces winners of the 2008 Young Architects Forum and lecture series
MAS Atlas Holds Up Plans
Interactive map navigates community planning in city
At Deadline
Plugging In
Vacuum king James Dyson invents school for minting engineers
When the sun goes down, architecture has two options: turn on the lights or disappear. But creative lighting design is capable of more than just bringing buildings out of the darkness. In the following pages, AN investigates a series of projects that elevate the lighting of structures to the level of art. Plus, Jeff Byles walks us through Take your time: Olafur Eliasson to see how the artist is using light to show us something about the way we perceive. Produced by Aaron Seward
Supersizing the City
The Endless City
A Quiet Eye
Peter Hutton
Finn Jewels
Finnish Summer Houses
Nature's Way of Telling You
Verb Natures
Portfolio: Pentagram Papers 37
Remembered Architects