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IN THIS ISSUE 06_07.16.2008_CA
SF voters authorize major development for Hunters and Candlestick Points
It Takes a Village
Santa Monica approves major new mixed-use project
Protest in Pasadena
Art Center President to depart in 2009 amid unrest over Gehry scheme
Wise Move
Morphosis designing new Orange County Musem of Art
Only 33,000 solar installations have been installed in a sun-drenched state of 35 million households. Let's get with the program, California.
Second Act
MAK Center receives Schindler's Fitzpatrick-Leland House
Open: Retail/Cafe/Gallery
Royal T by wHY Architecture
Hip to be Square
Berkeley Art Museum gets Toyo Ito's first
Crit: Libeskind's Ode to Life
Mitchell Schwarzer takes on Daniel Libeskind's precariously balanced Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco
The Off-grid iT house is an experiment in hands-on minimalism
The Smart Set
The gap continues to close between furniture for public and for private, for office and for home. As a selection of highlights from this month's Neocon exhibition in Chicago shows, even the sophisticated can get tough.
At Deadline
The modern dream of the readymade has carried prefab far since it was first imagined over 100 years ago, but now with the pressure to be all things to all people -- green, luxurious, and even one-of-a-kind -- Kimberly Stevens wonders if prefab can ever live up to its own potential.
The Audacity of Architecture
Far From Equilibrium: Essays on Technology and Design Culture by Sanford Kwinter
Design, Italian Style
Roberto Sambonet at Palazzo Madama, Torino
Duelling Partners
Architect and Engineer: A Study of Sibling Rivalry by Andrew Saint
Home Work
Enterprise Housing for San Francisco: The Future of Home-Based Family Businesses at the University of San Francisco
Comment: Ups and Downs in Dodger Town
Sam Hall Kaplan on why LA's planned Dodgerland needs a dose of mass transit. Not to mention a decent center-fielder.