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IN THIS ISSUE 07_08.13.2008_CA
Industrial Strength
SF's eastern neighborhoods plan closing in
The Kids are Alright
SD opens new children's museum
CAMP, or Bust?
Debate heats up over proposed art museum in SF's Presidio
Turning Pavement into Paradise
EDAW's interns plan new park over LA's 101
California's environmental quality act has hampered growth, opened up mile-wide loopholes, and spawned a bureaucratic thicket that stymies reform. But we shouldn't junk this landmark legislation altogether.
Open: Boutique
Fendi by Peter Marino Architect
Hawaii H2O
Island state scores a first with solar water heaters
Top U.S. and Mexican firms collaborate on new Baja development
Close Shave
Temporary reprieve keeps a Neutra in Newport Beach
Unveiled: San Joaquin County Building
Fentress Architects designs a $98 million, atrium-forward county building in Stockton
Steep Measures
Vinoly builds on an awkward site for new medical institute at UCSF
American Institute of Architects Chapter Awards
Honor Awards, Merit Awards, Citations, Gold Medal Awards...
A Los Feliz developer's special gets a style-forward makeover
At Deadline
Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown changed the way we think about Vegas, but the city they loved and wrote about so compellingly has changed almost beyond recognition, and will keep on doing so. Its latest metamorphosis is a startling one: high-rise density oriented toward pedestrians. Is this urbanism drag, or can CityCenter successfully bring traditional ideas about the civic realm to the most car-oriented place in the country? Sam Lubell checks in.
This year, AN's annual roundup of new developments in California seeks out the sites where most of the state's density is forming: mixed-use projects within commercial corridors.
Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner at the Hammer Museum will delight aficionados and broaden understanding of an architect who was, in his lifetime, ignored and even denigrated by many of his peers.
Mind the Sprawling Beast
Concrete Dragon: China's Urban Revolution and What It Means for the World by Thomas J. Campanella
Head Trip
Sprial Jetta: A Road Trip through the Land Art of the American West by Erin Hogan