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IN THIS ISSUE 10_12.17.2008_CA
LA airport unveils ambitious expansion plans
Ballot initiatives will transform California's built environment
The Plot Thickens
Presidio Museum to be scaled back
Gathering Gloom
Layoffs spread as economic crisis worsens
In revamping our nation's dying infrastructure, President-elect Obama needs to bring architects and design leaders on board.
Environment-friendly administration means good news for sustainable builders
Library Connection Satellite Library
Cocteau Cache
CA patron backs new French Museum
Back in the Limelight
A painstaking restoration of a famed Hollywood nightspot is complete
Unveiled: Gehry Partners New Offices
Healing Ways
Two new hospitals rethink the patient experience
Port Promenade
New plans for San Pedro waterfront revealed
Street Art
Architecture and inspiration meet in Watts
Rough Waters
LA County weighs development options in Marina Del Rey
In Detail: William Morris Headquarters
Where New Honors Old
The staircase treads were recycled from fir joists in the original building
Cantilevered over a razor-thin Nagoya alley, this light-filled house stays smart yet serene.
At Deadline
Broad-based power, Danny boy LA, Waldorf battle
Despite the downturn, China is still the place to be for Western architects seeking large-scale work and a meaningful role in the global architectural dialogue. Amara Holstein checks in with California firms doing business in this complex, frenetic market, and finds that technology helps them thrive, yet also opens the door to new challenges amid Asia's fast-forward culture of building.
We bring to you our editors' idiosyncratic picks of treasures, large and small, silly and serious
Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary
The Architecture of William Krisel at MODAA
Inside the Box
Big Box Reuse
Unpacking Archigram
L.A.W.U.N. Project #19: Studies in the Real
Palazzo casts a pall on Westwood Village