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IN THIS ISSUE 02_02.04.2009
Hold the Champagne
LPC wants height concessions on 980 Madison
Hard Times
Architects swap survival schemes at recession forums
Parade's End
Gluckman Mayner loses museum at SF's Presidio
Trigo Restaurant & Bar
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Syracuse University unveils green home competition winners
Studio Visit: HOK New York
In Detail: Toni Stabile Student Center
Marble Fairbanks with Front
South Bank Bound
Nine firms on shortlist for new London Embassy
Williamsburg Gets Higher
BSA approves controversial tower's plan for 16 stories
Dumbo Tower gets CB2 nod amid battle over bridge views
At Deadline
Hot in Hospitality
The latest in contract furnishings aim to be the life of the party in any room
Two striking new hotels aim to engage the energy of the Meatpacking District and the East Village with ambitious architectural statements on the street level -- not just in the bar and bathtub -- while industrial zones citywide are proving unlikely hotspots for a hotel boom.
Impresario Andre Balazs' sculpted concrete tower makes a heroic stand on the High Line.
In this latest Astor Place arrival, hotelier Klaus Ortlieb extends a tradition of suitably incongruous East Village aesthetics.
Because a quirk in the 1961 zoning code treats hotels the same way it does factories, some hoteliers are plumping pillows where metalworkers once stamped tin.
Cecil Balmond: Solid Void
See You Next Year
The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture 2007-2008
Mud Slinging
Earth Architecture