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IN THIS ISSUE 09_05.20.2009
Snohetta Sings
Mies Award goes to Oslo Opera House, as Croatia's Studio Up named Emerging Architects
Second Life
Local aim to nab foreclosed condo tower
OMA takes a turn at event architecture in Seoul
Planners offer FAR bonus for fresh produce
Open: Restaurant
Founding Farmers
Architects parse Mayor's retrofit plan for job opportunities
Historic UVA building restoration balances many layers
Under the Skin
Artist Ernesto Neto builds a creature at the Armory
Unveiled: National Children's Museum
What to do once you've revolutionized the GSA?
In Detail: Gaoyang International Cruise Terminal
Frank Repas Architecture with Weidlinger Associates
At Deadline
Future Fibers
Little known to the public and a mystery even to many architects, the Public Design Commission holds considerable sway over the city's urban fabric. From multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects down to tot lots, lampposts, and bike racks, this powerful group helps shape much of New York's public face. Ian Volner pays a visit.
In Situ: Architecture and Landscape
Public Practice
Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism