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IN THIS ISSUE 06_08.19.2009_CA
Julius Shulman, 1910-2009
Legendary architectural photographer never tired of modernism, and the dynamic Californian dream
SF's Rising Tides competition announces winners
Budget Bummer
State Slashes Billions in Redevelopment Funds
A Bridge Not Far Enough
Portland mulls beauty vs. budget in proposed Willamette River crossing
Without business know-how and better management training, in these times like these many firms might as well pack it in
Woo Hoo!
LA planning commissioner named dean of environmental design at Cal Poly Pomona
Packing Up CAMP, Pearls Before SCI-Arc, and Raise High the Window Walls
Foster Fallout
Brit-heavy team booted from GSA's UN Plaza project
Open: Restaurant
RN74 by AvroKO
Silicon Airways
San Jose airport modernization kicks off with new concourse
MDA Johnson Favaro's lustrous new library floats over an expanded public park
Ennis Anyone?
Despite preservationist outcry, sale of Wright house could be its only salvation
Michael Rotondi's new home for the waxworks emporium makes a surprisingly public statement
House of the Issue: PATH Architects
The Butler House in Portland, Oregon takes its cues from the rustic architecture of an alpine cabin
At Deadline
Broad hits the road, Billboards away, Moss in Hollywood, Watts Towers, AIA Presidential Awards, and Green education
Product: Floored
Never sexy but impossible to ignore, access flooring has come a long way, offering options for data, air, and cable installations that are sleeker, tougher, more accommodating and more flexible than ever -- and even easier on the eyes.
Site Lines
In AN's third annual California developer's issue, we take the temperature of new development in downtown Los Angeles and San Franciso, plotting projects recently completed and in the pipeline. The picture that emerges is almost cause for hope.
An unlikely policy tactic has helped stanch the development damage in Los Angeles: the city's 2005 ordinance targeting small lots, which enables condo-style developments on small parcels that appeal to first-time homebuyers. In Venice and North Hollywood, Los Feliz and Culver City, the city is seeing a modest growth spurt that may yet make a major difference in affordable housing. Christina Chan reads the fine print.
Talk to Me
Conversations with Frank Gehry by Barbara Isenberg
The Le Corbusier Code
Le Corbusier and the Occult by J.K. Birksted
Shattering Classes
Engineered Transparency edited by Michael Bell and Jeannie Kim
The future of prefab seems secured, at least now that Michelle Kaufmann is getting back in the game.