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IN THIS ISSUE 18_11.04.2009
Foster, Finally
LPC approves Parke-Bernet addition
Ferry pavilion plan makes a splash on the Hudson
Community groups present own plans for southeast waterfront
High Hopes
Amid Hudson Yards approval, city moves to save high line
Mayor wants to scrub Gowanus, avoiding Superfund listing
Eavesdrop> Sara Hart
Open> Cafe
With new designs unveiled for the museum's downtown Philly home, opponents vow to fight for Merion
Central Park Conservancy remakes pioneering playgrounds
DC gets first stand-alone bike hub on East Coast
Studio Visit> Stephen Yablon Architect
On the Bright Side
Downtown Y finds its true colors
In Detail> Museum of the Moving Image
At Deadline
Often neglected, deemed passe, or in the way of development -- and sometimes, frankly a flop -- America's modernist landscapes are under siege. But the movement to bring these pioneering works into the preservation fold is getting under way, and not a season too soon. William L. Hamilton talks to Charles Birnbaum, founder and president of the Cultural Landscape Foundation, and others about the uphill challenges.
A Terrible Beauty
Edward Burtynsky: Oil
The Price of Fitting In
Context/Contrast: New Architecture in Historic Districts, 1967-2009
Tschumi Pere
Jean Tschumi: Architecture at Full Scale
Angela Starita recalls the soaring social vision of Brazilian master Vilanova Artigas, and his pioneering School of Architecture in Sao Paulo.