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IN THIS ISSUE 02_02.03.2010
GSA taps Michael Van Valkenburgh for plaza revamp, replacing Martha Schwartz's pop landscape
Plans to spruce up National Mall include radical ideas
AIA Breaks With Record
Institution selects new partner for house publication
Nantucket sound designation could scuttle wind farm
Editorial> Doing Less With Less
Eavesdrop> Sara Hart
Urban Garden Room by WRT
Pastor condemns LPC for landmarking UWS church
Debating Domino
Williamsburg retrofit faces changed landscape
Princeton's historic Whig Hall gets a second strong renovation
Rising Currents teams share flood-averting plans
Studio Visit> SPG Architects
At Deadline
In Detail> Harlem Hospital
Product> Come Clean
Variety in materials, shapes, and size is the new standard in lavatory design
Saving Neutra's Cyclorama at Gettysburg is about more than just a modern landmark, writes Jason Hart
Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics are resolutely Canadian: earth-friendly, deliberately unflashy, and grounded in urban livability. This month, the city's approach to density, reuse, and public access -- in a word, Vancouverism -- lands on the world stage. Brian Libby gives us a guided tour through what might be the savviest games yet.
Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World)
Archive Fever
Storefront Newsprints 1982-2009
Tune In
Iannis Xenakis: Composer, Architect, Visionary