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IN THIS ISSUE 02_02.24.2010_CA
Pyramid Scheme
Proposed neighbor to Transamerica still awaits approval
Infamous LA housing project to be remade as mixed-income neighborhood
A Practical Matter
Berkeley museum ditches Ito for printing plant
Newbie at the Post
Presidio's parade ground getting crowded
Musical Chairs
New planning directors in Seattle, LA County, Pasadena
Editorial> Freedom of Speech
Eavesdrop> Editors
Open> Salon
Michael Maltzan Architecture creates a dynamic hub for the Skid Row Housing Trust
California issues first statewide mandatory green building standards
LA flush with freeway cap park proposals
Waiting Game
LA landmark houses sitting empty and looking for protectors
House of the Issue> Dennis Gibbens
At Deadline
General Contractor
Consultants, Services & Suppliers
Fittings & Furniture
Kitchen & Bath
Facade & Curtain Wall
It's that time again. Time for West Coast architects to share their favorite sources with us. This is the complete resource to the top contractors, fabricators, and suppliers who can make those future projects shine.
Another Dimension
Rachel Whiteread Drawings
Attention Must Be Paid
Five Houses, Ten Details
Sky High
The Anniversary Show
Q&A> William Krisel