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IN THIS ISSUE 05_03.17.2010
Patriotic Glitch
London besieged with reactions to new embassy design
New York rethinks affordability after the crash
Philadelphia retools for the future
Budget crunch puts state parks in jeopardy
Thorny questions lie ahead as Long Island's downtowns contemplate a new wave of density as the answer to suburban ills, writes Jeff Byles.
Letters> To Russia With Love
Eavesdrop> Sara Hart
Through the Glass Mullions, Rockwell Aglitter
Choice Market
Debut on the Rocks
Herzog & de Meuron go to the opera
Another Penn
Proposed Vornado tower would topple Hotel Pennsylvania
Tooled Up
CUP field-tests affordable housing toolkit
Talking Tracks
Will it be a makeover for Chicago's Great Hall, or a Helmut Jahn alternative?
Two colleagues recall the longtime Pratt Institute professor and designer of visionary topological architecture
In Detail> Jerome Robbins Theater
WASA/Studio A and Arup
Site Specifics
With these options in fencing, seating, shades, and more, boring streetscapes and sidewalks are no longer an alternative
At Deadline
Billings Bomb, Scarano Strikes Out
In the early 1950s, Long Island was the testing ground for some of the nation's first savvy suburbs, with Levittown a resonant symbol of postwar American values. Today, Nassau and Suffolk counties are once again trying to set a new standard with smart-growth projects underway from Mineola to Patchogue.
Vicarious Living
The Houses of Greenwich Village by Kevin D. Murphy
At Home in Utopia
Self-Sufficient Housing edited by Vicente Guallart, Willy Muller, and Lucas Cappelli