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IN THIS ISSUE 10_06.02.2010
Venturi, Scott Brown question plans to alter their Philly masterwork
New School moves ahead with downsized SOM campus center
Charging Ahead
Two bay area museums look east for talent
Spanish architect Eva Franch to lead famed New York architecture center
LMCC studio space designed pro bono by Davis Brody Bond Aedas creates first perment home since city takeover
Critics applaud the administration's efforts on urban issues but question the purpose of an office that oversees them
An increasing number of desk-bound New Yorkers are finding modest means to make a big difference in Haiti, writes Jeff Byles.
Eavesdrop> The Editors
Voted Off the Island?, Knuckles Rapped, Just Asking
Tamarind Tribeca by Wid Chapman Architects
The San Francisco-based architect built one of the largest mid-century firms but never let its size impact the work
Work AC creates a dramatic, public-oriented addition for what was a 1960s-era box for books
Lights, Action, Expansion
D.C.'s Arena Stage gets makeover and more
Studio Visit> Kevin Kennon Architects
At Deadline
The JV MVPs, Jazzing Up 125th Street, The California Trail
Whether East Coast or West, design companies are stripping down their offices to show off their core values. Jennifer K. Gorsche takes a master class in creatively collaborative office design.
No Beauty Contest
National Design Triennial: Why Design Now at the Cooper-Hewitt
Shooting the Moon
Other Space Odysseys: Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan, Alessandro Poli at CCA
The Parametricist Manifesto
The question of style in architecture is not dead after all, declares Patrik Schumacher, who heralds an ambitious new paradigm for high-performance practice called parametricism.